R-230 Railgear


G & B Specialties Model R-230 is applicable to vehicles up to 8,500 lbs GVWR. Rotating front and rear railgear are standard. Railgear locks automatically in both road and rail position. Proven “Cushion-Ride” suspension provides superior ride quality, reduced vibration through the vehicle frame, less component stress, and constant
rail wheel to rail contact. No railgear adjustments are required for varying loads. Rail wheel assemblies are bolted to the axles for
simple wheel alignment. All four rail wheels provide full track circuit isolation. Included 12VDC electric / hydraulic pump and reservoir with sealed push button controls provides safe and easy access to the rail. Optional In-Cab and Full-In-Cab railgear controls are available. Few moving parts result in low maintenance and lubrication costs. Fully installed weight is approximately 270 lbs front and 280 lbs rear. Uses light weight 8” diameter forged steel wheels with heavy duty tapered roller bearings.

Standard Features:

  • Cushion-Ride Rubber Suspension
  • Rotating Front and Rear Railgear Units
  • Automatic Locking System
  • Heavy Duty Axles
  • Heavy Duty Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinders
  • 12VDC Hydraulic Pump and Reservoir
  • Built-In Derail Skids
  • Rail Sweeps Front and Rear


  • Standard Railgear Controls
  • Full Track Circuit Insulation (All Four Wheels)
  • Protective Bellows Over All Inner Guide Tubes
  • Mechanical Steering Wheel Lock
  • Corrosion Resistant; Long Life Fasteners
  • Grease Fittings at All Wear Points
  • Maintenance Free Oil-Impregnated Bronze Bearings

Optional Features:

  • In-Cab and Full In-Cab Railgear Controls
  • Insulated Wheels with Shunt Kit

Vehicle Classification:

Vehicle Applications:

  • GVWR 8,500lbs MAX
  • GAWR (Front) – 4,250 lbs
  • GAWR (Rear) – 4,250lbs
  • 2005 to 2012 Chevy Colorado
  • 2005 to 2012 GMC Canyon
  • 17-UP Mexico Spec Ford Ranger
  • 19-UP US Spec Ford Ranger
  • 4X4; No Short Beds

Installed weight R-230

  • Total 550 lbs
  • Front 270 lbs
  • Rear 280 lbs


  • Material Forged Steel
  • Tread 8” Diameter
  • Flange 10-1/4” Diameter
  • Bearings HD Tapered Roller
  • Grease Cap w/ Vent