R-890 Railgear


G & B Specialties Model R-890 railgear is designed for vehicles up to 66,000 lbs GVWR. Vertical front and vertical behind cab front railgear units are available. Vertical rear railgear is standard. Optional “True-Slew” rear axle is available with 5-1/2” slew capability. The R-890 uses 14” diameter forged steel wheels with heavy duty tapered roller bearings. Proven “Cushion-Ride” suspension provides ride quality, reduced vibration through the vehicle frame, less component stress, and constant rail wheel to rail contact. No railgear adjustments are required for varying loads. With G & B Cushion-Ride Railgear, there are no limits imposed. If the vehicle can support the load, so can the railgear. G & B Specialties R-890 Railgear has two hydraulic cylinders on both the front and rear units, providing power to spare under full vehicle capacity. On rail, the vehicle’s front wheels are raised a minimum of 3” above the rail head and the vehicle axle is hydraulically or manually locked in place, and all four rail wheels provide full track circuit isolation.

Standard Features:

  • Cushion-Ride Rubber Suspension
  • Automatic Locking System in Road Positions
  • Heavy Duty Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinders (Two Cylinders, Front and Rear
  • PTO Pump Application
  • Built-In Derail Skids
  • Rail Sweeps Front and Rear


  • Full Track Circuit Insulation (All Four Wheels)
  • Vertical Rear Railgear is Standard
  • Protective Bellows Over All Inner Guide Tubes
  • Mechanical Steering Wheel Lock
  • Hydraulic Operating Valves on Front and Rear Units
  • Corrosion Resistant; Long Life Fasteners
  • Grease Fittings at All Wear Points.

Optional Features:

  • Air Brake Package with Exterior Quick Change Composite Brake Shoes. Available for 2 or 4 Wheels.
  • Vertical Front or Vertical Behind Cab Front Railgear Based on the Wheelbase of the Vehicle
  • “True-Slew” Rear Railgear Axle with 5-1/2” slew capability
  • Hydraulically or Manually Operated Vehicle Front Axle Lock, to Support Front Tires Above Rail.

Vehicle Classification:

Vehicle Applications:

  • GVWR 66,000 lbs MAX
  • GAWR (Front) – 20,000 lbs @ 20 mph
  • GAWR (Rear) – 46,000 lbs @20 mph
  • Freightliner
  • International
  • Kenworth
  • Sterling

Wheels: R-890

  • Material Forged Steel
  • Tread 14” Diameter
  • Flange 16” Diameter
  • Bearings HD Tapered Roller
  • Grease Cap w/ vent

Installed Weight R-890

  • Total 2,800 lbs
  • Fronts 1,600 lbs
  • Rear 1,600 lb